Fairy Houses


WE love making magic happen. We also love making houses for those who make magic happen. Our fairy houses have been handmade in our workshop in Wales. Each fairy house has been made to order according to the fairys wishes.

Most of the images shown here come from our collection of fairy houses that were made for Studfold Farm which has a fairy garden and fairy trail.

The wood shingled roof, the decoration on the siding, and the opening door all help create interesting detail help to make this a unique and interesting house to find a home in your collection.

This little magical houses have been designed to fit up a tree or sit in a garden, year in year out.

We have made a range of these fairy houses and of which have different sizes.


Made from larch or Douglas fir these fairy houses have been made to last outdoors in any weather.



Width : 30cm x30cm

Height : 40cm


Width : 40cm x40cm

Height : 55cm


Width : 50cm x50cm

Height : 65cm

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