Portable Composting Toilet Box


This is the most simple - and cheapest - of all our compost toilets. Light and portable, this toilet consists of a simple wooden box that houses a bucket and a urine separator and can be installed wherever you need it, indoors or outdoors, for an immediate toilet solution wherever you are. This is the straightforward old-fashioned system of pooing in a bucket with the added urine separator to keep the smells away.

We do not stock these compost toilet boxes, but do have a website that gives away free plans on how to build a compost toilet box

This portable composting toilet box comes with its own 25l bucket, 5l water carrying container, urine separator and toilet seat. All you need with your toilet box is a box of soak next to your toilet so you can add a handful of sawdust after each poo.

Additional extras include a venting fan which plugs into a standard 240v socket. Contact us for more information about this.

Dimensions : 46cm wide x 56cm deep x 53cm high

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