Bespoke Wooden Furniture & Handmade Wooden Furniture

 Most of our bespoke and handmade wooden furniture designs originate from customer requests. 

"Can you build a compost toilet with disabled access, a turf roof and shingles?"

"We like your Storytelling Chair, but can you build one for two people?"

"Can you build us a Sentry Box that looks like your Compost Toilet?"


The answer is nearly always Yes! Every single piece of handmade wooden furniture from Free Range Designs is bespoke. No matter how small or how many times we have built that design, we approach each piece as a uniquely. We do not carry stock for any of the furniture so your piece will be made from wood that we have stockpiled.

Bespoke commissions are often my favourite projects. The artist in me loves to create new designs and to be challenged in new ways, and much of the furniture on this web site was customer driven, reponding to people's requests for something 100% unique and personalised. 

I want to build bespoke wooden furniture exactly the way you want it. This might mean slight alterations to the look or feel of an existing product, a darker piece of wood here, or more of a curve there; or it might mean an entirely new piece designed and built to the specific dimensions and style of your home. 

Please do get in touch to discuss your ideas for handmade driftwood furniture design.

I'd love to hear from you.